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 The best Indian cooking reveals an important truth. When such fresh, natural and intelligently spiced food is placed before us, we choose it gladly and willingly over less wholesome cuisine. Both heart and mind rejoice. Taste of India’s desire is that you experience our full range of sumptuous entrees and visit us often for unique tandoori (clay oven) favorites, delicately marinated vegetables, meats, and savory homemade breads. We feel that our cuisine carries the essence and mystery of India and that you don’t need to travel 8000 miles to enjoy these delicacies. 

It is a huge challange to separate Vegetarian and Meat Entrees but our Kitchen staff makes sure that if you order Vegetarian Entrees then those Entrees are Vegetarian and are not being compromised at any cost. To ensure it we use separate Clay Oven and separate POTS and PANS to cook Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Dishes.

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